Wednesday, October 16, 2013

CXCI - Old Testament Timeline

We have just completed the book of Nehemiah in the last post.  Nehemiah was the last of the History books of the Bible.  I'm going to list a timeline below to show a brief chronology of events from creation to the end of the Old Testament, which is where we are right now in our study.  {Please bear in mind that EXACT dates have been under debate for centuries, but the dates below are chronologically accurate, therefore serving our purpose in this Bible study.}  The sixteen books of the Bible we've studied thus far are placed in basic chronological order.  They covered a period of approximately 3600 years.  The times of the remaining twenty-three books of the Old Testament fall within these 3600 years.  As we go through each of these remaining twenty-three books, I will try to remember to state where the book falls within these 3600 years so as to maintain a perspective of time.  For example, the next book we study will be Esther.  The events in Esther take place approximately 470 BC which is between the time of the first group of exiles returning to Jerusalem with Zerubbabel, and the second group returning with Ezra.


>  Approx. 4000 BC - Creation
>  Approx. 2300 BC - The Flood
>  Approx. 2000 BC - Abraham
>  Approx. 1900 BC - Israel settles in Egypt
>  1800 BC - Death of Joseph
>  1780-1380 - Egyptian Bondage/Slavery
>  1380 BC - Moses - The Exodus
>  1380-1340 BC - Wandering in the Wilderness
>  1340-1300 BC - Joshua Enters and Conquers the Promised Land
>  1300 BC - Twelve tribes allotted land
>  1300-1050 BC - The Judges
>  1050 BC - The Israelites insisted on having a king like other nations
>  1050 BC - Saul is made king of all twelve tribes of Israel
>  1010 BC - David conquers the land for the kingdom
>  970-930 BC - Solomon is the last king of the united Israel
>  930 BC - The nation Israel is divided
>  930 BC - Jeroboam becomes king of ten tribes (Israel)
>  930 BC - Rehoboam becomes king of two tribes (Judah)
>  722 BC - Israel falls and is taken captive by Assyrians
>  586 BC - Judah falls and is taken captive by Babylonians
>  537 BC - First exiles return from 70 years Captivity with Zerubbabel
>  522 BC - Temple construction stopped by opposition
>  520 BC - Rebuilding of Temple Resumed
>  516 BC - Temple Finished and Dedicated
>  458 BC - Second exile group returns to Jerusalem with Ezra
>  445 BC - Third exile group returns with Nehemiah, City of Jerusalem re-established
>  430 BC - Books of Nehemiah and Malachi written
>  *** 400 years of silence ***
>  2 BC - Birth of John the Baptist

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